i5K Coordinating Group

Conference Call Notes

September 16, 2020

11:00-12:00 (EDT)

We will finalize preparations for i5K participation in the Biodiversity Genomics 2020 workshop.

[Note: In October, we will capitalize on the AGS/i5K meeting in July and the Biodiversity Genomics 2020 workshop and discuss how to move i5K forward, aligning goals with EBP.]

Attending: Glenn Hanes, Dorith Rotenberg, Sue Brown, Duane McKenna, Kristen Panfilio, Meg Allen, Brad Coates, Monica Poelchau, Anna Childers, Stephen Richards

  • Meetings
    • Biodiversity Genomics/EBP Oct 5-9, 2020 (Sue, Mark, Mara, Rob, fringy)
      • Abstract selection and workshop preparations (Surya, Dorith)
        • 6 talks; 2 invited speakers will bookend the session. Good cross-section of speaker and insect diversity
        • Everyone has been notified and have accepted their invitations, have started their recordings
        • Question: what if there are technical issues? There is no buffer planned (50 minutes only for the whole session). A company is organizing this. In Kristen's experience the first minute is usually taken up by people logging on.
        • Could send introduction information/pertinent info in the meeting chat, in case people missed it initially
      • Decide on the need for a Community Session during one of the evenings
        • It is possible to build in a 'chat session' with some discussion points that is not highly structured; to replicate some of the discussion that you would usually have in-person
          • possible topic, based on the experience from the AGS symposium organizers - i5k is grassroots, not a funding body - anybody can join, or set up meetings!
          • Re-introduce concept of 'i5k east', to overcome time zone barrier? What about language barrier?
          • What is the minimum cost to assemble a genome?
        • Could ask for people to be prepared to give a 1-minute update on what genomes they are working on
        • When would be a good time for this? two sessions - one before the official meeting, one after?
          • Could be recorded, and there could also be a note-taker
          • We'd need to ask the organizers what's possible. Anna will ask.
          • Once we have options, we will circulate them and make a decision.
  • Other:
    • get i5k webinars re-started; perhaps do this at a different time to recruit other groups
    • ESA insect genomics symposium:
      • all pre-recorded talks
      • there will be a live panel discussion - still deciding whether this will be two or one sessions
    • EBP updates:
      • Colombia has a nice biodiversity genomics program coming through
      • more communities (mostly unfunded) coming on board
      • Assemblies are working well
      • Would be good to work out, as a community, what a low cost really is for assembling a genome. Personnel costs are the same as or more than the reagent costs.
    • Ag100Pest updates:
      • beetle assemblies in general are working very well (although it depends on GC content and genome size)
      • recent (identical), short repeats are still problematic

NEXT MEETING: October 21, 2020

11:00-12:00 am EDT