i5K Coordinating Group

Nov 30, 2022

11:00-12:00 EST

This will be a continuation of last month’s meeting, where considerable progress was made in re-visioning i5K.

Attending: Monica Poelchau, Glenn Hanes, Meg Allen, Michael Pfrender, Chris Childers, Brad Coates, Jay Evans, Anna Childers, Sue Brown, Josh Benoit, Marc Halfon, Robert Miller

  • Meetings [brief updates, if any]
    • ESA-Vancouver, 13-16 November 2022 (Brad, Catherine)
      • Went well. Good discussions on genome assemblies - no major updates for i5k, though. Talks should be available online now on the ESA meeting website.
      • **We should have an ‘i5k recruitment slide’ for future symposia/talks
    • Arthropod Genomics Symposium 2023 (Josh) - Josh will start working on this more in the next couple of weeks, he will reach out then. He has already recruited some sponsors. The date may have to be in July due to space availability.
    • AGSX 2023, Feb - May 2023.
      • 3 organizers are already on board. Still looking for a honeybee session organizer - Jay will talk to possible candidates. 1.5 - 2 hours, 3-4 speakers, Q&A period. A beenome session could include pangenome, phylogenomics (to move beyond just honeybees).
      • Websites with previous years’ talks are still up for reference: http://i5k.github.io/agsx2022; http://i5k.github.io/agsx2021
      • There may be a student-led session - recruiting currently. Would be great to include more international and/or HBCU sessions.
  • Publications [brief updates, if needed]
    • i5k COIS special issue - we decided to not go with a special issue.
    • There is still the possibility to write an i5k update/2.0 article in the future
  • EBP Update (Anna)
    • There will be more EBP activity at PAG 2023 - there will be a 2 hour JEDI workshop, and a big VGP workshop. PacBio will also have a session.
    • Efforts ongoing to get more submissions from affiliate projects into the GOAT database
    • 2368 registrants from ~100 countries at the BG2022 meeting, graduate and undergraduates made up about half of attendees
    • Biodiversity Genomics 2023 October 2-6
    • Working on a new governance document
  • Visioning 2022 (Monica, Brad)
    • Brief recap of last month’s meeting
    • finalize vision
      • We worked on finalizing the vision, and are close, but decided that we would need to review the individual suggestions from the June i5k discussion before finishing.

NEXT MEETING: January 18, 2023

11:00-12:00 EST

Note: No meeting on December 21; Happy Winter Solstice!

[let’s hope the sun makes its turnaround]