i5K Coordinating Group

Conference Call Agenda

Dec 16, 2020

11:00-12:00 (ET)

As the last meeting of the year, we will discuss moving forward next year, following on the success of sequencing projects and technology development, and some very successful virtual conferences. We will also get an update on DToL, which is releasing its first bolus of genomes and has formalized its project database (GOAT)

Attending: Brian, Monica, Glenn, Mark, Meg, Dorith, Sue, Rob Miller, Jay, Anna, Rob Waterhouse, Kristen, Kevin, Brad

_ A recording is available from Monica by request. _

  • Future Meetings
    • PAG-substitution Virtual Arthropod Genomics Workshop (Brenda, Lindsey, Brad)
      • PAG is now in May
    • Anna: ArtGen sessions will not really be supported. Therefore Brenda and Lindsey started working with Brad to make an open meeting as a substitute. (Glenn has 1K webinar Zoom). They could use i5k website to advertise meeting and youtube channel to post (with permission) speakers' talks afterwards.
    • Anna: might want to fix the name Virtual Arthropod Genomics Workshop (too close to Virtual Arthropod Genomics Symposium?)
    • Lessons learned from AGS - organizing committee put a document together that they could share
      • Is this publishable? Perhaps as a 'compare and contrast' paper for different strategies
    • there's a similar document for the biodiversity genomics 2020 meeting that Mark is willing to share: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mSRVhstkcHtB3Witeh1QDSG3bbupze7mnJx66DXlvjA/edit?usp=sharing
    • Those willing to participate can meet in January to firm things up
  • We need to clean up calendar invites… Monica can get in touch with Sharon
  • Future Publications
    • Cell Genomics (Anna)
      • Organized by EBP team. At least 30 contributors.
      • Ag100Pest (or i5k?) can contribute a short paper as an affiliated group (1500-2000 words). Still don't know if the proposal has been accepted yet.
      • Due end of February
      • i5k is more than Ag100Pest - also DToL, ants, beetles, bees… i5k's tent is wide and therefore hard to write up all the efforts
      • Kristen can provide info/feedback on i5k beyond ag pests
      • Rob can also help with the few lines on the broader i5k umbrella
      • 1-2 figures can be included. Okay to have additional papers with more detail in another journal
    • Insects (Monica)
      • Insects Special Issue (end of April due date)
      • Ag100Pest paper being built - more on the project (methods, tech, running a genome project) that the results
        • What are readers interested in?
          • species choice
          • project management
          • funding/finances (Ag100Pest situation is unique though). Could emphasize that costs are going down for higher-quality assemblies, though - can move on from just Illumina
          • community engagement
          • bioinfo resources for data management etc.
          • How to know when to stop improving the assembly (what is 'good enough' at the time). Mark distinguishes between 'released' and 'done'. They tend to give up on the larger genomes (repeats)
  • Project – Updates
    • EBP (fringy, Gene, Kevin)
      • Kevin: ELSI group, ethics, legal, etc. DSI (digital sequence info) issue?
      • EDI committee for EBP
      • Species identifiers - need for harmonisation
        • tolids - universal register for identifiers for specimens in the INSDC databases. Also indicate that an assembly is happening
        • Kerstin Howe can generate identifiers for you if you ask?
        • There's an api that allows you to search, assign
        • EBP has accepted this proposal
        • i5k can join, too
        • https://id.tol.sanger.ac.uk/
      • Norway node forming
      • ERGA forming in preparation for next Horizon Europe funding call
    • DToL: GOAT project database (Mark, Mara)
  • Looking Back Lessons Learned - Looking Ahead Plans for 2021
    • Workshops
    • Sequencing
    • Increasing Alignment with EBP (Gene)
    • Expanding the Membership on the i5K Steering Committee (Rob)
    • New Funding Ideas

NEXT MEETING: January 20, 2020

11:00-12:00 am ET