i5K Coordinating Group

February 15, 2023

11:00-12:00 EST

Based on progress re-visioning i5K, we will attempt to come to consensus on a way forward.

We are all very busy:

How can me make i5K fun, yet worthwhile__?

Attending: Kevin Hackett, RJ Nowling, Glenn Hanes, Michael Branstetter, Marc Halfon, Sarthok Rahman, Chris Childers, Meg Allen, Anna Childers, Brad Coates, Jay Evans, Rob Waterhouse, Sue Brown, Josh Benoit, Kristen Panfilio

  • Meetings [brief updates, if any]

  • Arthropod Genomics Symposium 2023 (Josh). At this point, Josh could only host at a hotel, which would double the cost. Reached out to Scott (Knoxville) - they still have facilities for the last week in June, which will be more cost-effective. Mary-Ann may be able to host the symposium in Africa next year. There will be a poll to assess interest in having the meeting in Knoxville at the end of June.
  • Arthropod Genomics Symposium X (AGSx) Virtual Spring Symposium 2023 (Brad)
  • ICE meeting coming up in Kyoto in August 2024

  • Publications [brief updates, if needed]
  • EBP Update (Anna)
    • Nominations for committees are getting started - newcomers can be nominated
    • Finalized list of people for special meeting around challenges for EBP
    • Biodiversity genomics workshop will be in early October (2nd-3rd). Organized by region.
    • Thoughts about biodiversity genomics academy (training courses; software developers would lead workshops on how to use the software) – ERGA already has something like this(?)
    • DToL aims to sequence 2000 species this year
  • Visioning 2023 (Kevin, Monica, Brad, Sue)
    • Monica will share Kevin’s talk outline
    • Discussion on PUIs:
      • i5k does NOT currently engage faculty at PUIs (= primarily undergrad institutions). Having projects PUIs can collaborate on that benefit the community, without generating their own data, provides professional development opportunities for undergrads.
      • There are funding opportunities that come with PUIs. These institutions have experience writing education grants. This could be a value-add! In NSF grants, you can request funding specific towards funding faculty at PUIs. Faculty and undergrads are eager for projects!
      • How do we better connect with faculty from PUIs?
      • What support do PUI faculty need for arthropod genomics?
      • RJ could possibly be a champion for outreach to PUI. He has lots of information to help understand what PUIs need. (From Zoom chat: “My email is nowling@msoe.edu . Please reach out. (Or tell me if there is a better place to document this.)”)
      • National council for undergraduate research may be a good place to find PUIs, BUT conference has about 20k people, so may need to whittle the target down first
      • Example organization: Genomics Education Partnership
    • Discussion of Kristen’s schema: to do: (1) showcase flow from computational to insect user (e.g., from Rob to Kristen!); (2) feature publications and other outputs somewhere, clearly (suggestion from Kevin)

NEXT MEETING: March 15, 2023

11:00-12:00 EST