i5K Coordinating Group

Conference Call Agenda

Mar 18, 2020


_ The focus was on Coronavirus! _

Attendees: Kevin Hackett, Glenn Hanes, Meg Allen, Brian Scheffler, Brad Coates, Surya Saha, Mike Pfrender, Rob Waterhouse, Marian Goldsmith, Sue Brown, Anna Childers, Duane McKenna, Chris Childers, Joe Lopez

  • Meetings
    • Helsinki – Coronavirus!: Meeting still on
    • ESA-Orlando (Monica, Brad): submitted proposal
    • EBP Meeting in Hinxton (Oct 5-6, 2020): Still on, but looking into virtual possibilities (Mark)
    • PAG Ag100Pests Talks (Anna; Surya)
    • GIGA-Asia (March 2021): what to do? (Joe)
  • Project Updates
    • DToL (Mark, Mara)
    • Ag100Pests, include Desert Locust (Anna, Brian)
      • Desert locust, cyclones amp them up, Green Muscle; USAID proposal; trying for ref quality 8.55 gbp
      • Over 100 genomes on the list and others committed; sequenced over 50 genomes; will start releasing some to NCBI by June
      • Reagents: Not shipping from PacBio San Fran, trying to resolve; we only have supplies for a week; Illumina trying to keep machines going; maybe a few that can't scaffold
      • Geib does extractions and library preps, so do before shipping and perhaps less shearing of DNA
    • Beetles (Duane): nothing new
    • Cornome (Brad, Jay, Dave): nothing new; lots of PB data, spined soldier bug; virtual support; Hi-Canu hi-fi reads (Adam Phillipy on Arxhix website now: Rob), 6 h to assembly, Hudson-Alpha still correcting reads; AC will try to clean these genomes up with new person looking at best assembly method
    • Bees (Brian): nothing new; Scott helping advise; no good method
    • BMSB: Sequence now out (Rob)
  • I5K Webinar Update (Anna): no update
  • New Funding: New Ideas?
    • NSF Cliff Weil questions about Desert Locust; maybe we need to go back to him more generally; ARS can't be PI, but others can (Brian, Anna)