i5K Coordinating Group

April 19, 2023

11:00-12:00 EDT [Note change to EDT in the U.S.]

Based on progress re-visioning i5K, we will attempt to come to consensus on a way forward.

We are all very busy:

How can me make i5K fun, yet worthwhile?

Attending: Monica Poelchau, Glenn Hanes, Meg Allen, Sarthok Rahman, Anna Childers, Brad Coates, Marc Halfon, Sue Brown, Rob Waterhouse, Duane McKenna, Kristen Panfilio, Chris Childers

  • Meetings [brief updates, if any]
    • Arthropod Genomics Symposium 2023 (Josh)
      • Josh proposed August 14-18th week
      • Online-only meeting
    • Arthropod Genomics Symposium X (AGSx) Virtual Spring Symposium 2023 (Brad)
      • April 11th had ~100 participants
      • Next is May 9th - Beenome et al.
      • Anna will update the website with the info for the May session
      • Question - when will videos be online - Glenn is working on it!
    • International Congress in Entomology (ICE) Symposium proposal (Brad)
      • Working on a draft proposal “Global challenges in entomology”
      • Deadline June 12th - need some more people to help co-organise
      • Will ICE allow virtual talks?
      • What themes? “Beyond genomes” What next and how? Pangenomes? Phenotypes?
    • XII European Congress of Entomology (ECE 2023)
      • Heraklion, Crete, on 16-20 October 2023
    • Biodiversity Genomics 2023 #BG23
      • October 2-6 - virtual
  • EBP Update (Anna)
    • annotations committee has undergone a refresh and has drafted a recommendations document that will go on the EBP site after review
    • continued work on ELSI and JEDI issues
    • report from Korean polar research institute
    • discussion of how regional nodes will operate
    • upcoming frontiers workshop on blockers and possible solutions for Phase 2 of EBP
  • Visioning 2023 (Monica, Brad, Sue)
  • New priorities: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MSx4B0v3Nb1d_bB1T7nYprSZFW_kiVYzifH6kIKKd_E/edit#
  • Comments on the new priorities:
    • Feedback was positive.
    • Presenting on this during a future meeting (e.g. AGS) would be useful for recruitment
    • Each one of us will need to pick a working group, and need to recruit a junior member to join. The sooner you recruit people to it, the sooner you may be able to pass off the leadership role.
    • Should we have the i5k leadership team start figuring out how to set up the working groups first? that might have us lose momentum
    • Slack could be used to communicate within working groups
    • Working group initial composition:
      • Community building/outreach: Brad, Josh, Rob (Slack), Anna (website, YouTube, Twitter), Duane
      • Leadership: Kevin? recruit Jay?, Monica and others who participated in the generation of the priorities could help start (?)
      • Training: Sue, Teresa, Sarthok, Anna
      • Standards: Monica, Marc, Anna
      • Coordination: Rob, Kristen, Duane, Anna
  • Homework for next time - start organizing working groups. Schedule a meeting for each working group to go over goals. Report at next meeting. Don’t necessarily need to start recruiting yet.

NEXT MEETING: May 17, 2023

11:00-12:00 EDT