i5K Coordinating Group

May 17, 2023

11:00-12:00 EDT

Based on progress re-visioning i5K, we will start to form Working Groups. 

We are all very busy:

How can me make i5K fun, yet worthwhile?


Attending: Marian Goldsmith, Monica Poelchau, RJ Nowling, Nick Miller, Duane McKenna, Teresa Shippy, Kevin Hackett, Mike Pfrender, Sue Brown, Glenn Hanes, Brad Coates, Jay Evans, Josh Benoit, Marc S. Halfon, Kristin Panfilio

  • Meetings [brief updates, if any]
  • Arthropod Genomics Symposium 2023 (Josh)
  • Online Aug 14 - 18?
  • Africa (Nairobi, Kenya?) next year (June 2024?) followed by prolonged rotation
  • Arthropod Genomics Symposium X (AGSx) Virtual Spring Symposium 2023 (Brad)
  • Lyndsey Perkins, Jay Evans took over b/c Brad had a conflict
  • Some A/V issues but worked for the most part
  • Good discussion
  • ~70-80 people (good turnout, global participation, speakers provided useful background info for general audiences)
  • Editing of recordings in progress; will upload to the i5K YouTube channel when done
  • Biodiversity Genomics 2023
  • ESA? Nov 5 - 8?
  • Rebecca Clement requested ag100 pest talks at ESA.  Topics include genome evolution, detecting resistance, 12 speakers
  • International Congress in Entomology Symposium proposal (Brad)
  • Kyoto, Japan
  • Brad has abstract written to theme of synergy / integration across fields
  • Brad identified potential co-speakers (including from 1KITE)
  • Wants help reaching out to GIGA – trying to find a contact
  • XII European Congress of Entomology 2024
  • Oct 16 - 20
  • Publications [brief updates, if needed]
  • EBP Update (Anna)
  • Frontiers Workshop.  25 members of EBP steering committee went to Switzerland to scope out phase 2.
  • Up to 600 families (some sequenced)
  • Problems with lower eukaryotes such as yeast – conflict with DoE.  But 100 yeast families done
  • Protist?  Not many people working on this
  • As of yesterday, i5K sent letter of request for affiliation with EBP
  • Anna Childers – ag100 pests
  • Jay Evans – beetles
  • Affiliation gives i5K a vote – should we organize officially to select candidates / establish official positions for EVP votes?  Or just trust i5K representatives?
  • Some people had concerns about including their names – pro forma exercise
  • Integration with i5K Workspace?  GOAT?
  • Sara Dyer, EBI employee, lead on non-vertebrate genomes.  Good contact. Reached out to Monica to learn more about i5K.  Wants to get involved with training (e.g., at AGS).

  • Vision Implementation 2023 (Monica, Brad, Sue, Kevin)

  • Working Groups
  • Executive committee
  • reviewed goals, going to determine who best to invite to join
  • have each working group member report out in general i5K meeting, maybe have a member from each working group on the exec committee?
  • rebrand i5K? i = insects, excludes arthropods.  want to include larger set of species
  • how to organize working group work (logistics)
  • aim to front load exec comm meetings to help other groups be aware of decisions that may impact them
  • once we have initial groups, how do we reach out to larger community to establish new working groups?
  • update vision / mission statements – guiding principles for outsiders, help outsiders determine how to fit in / participate
  • New action item for the executive committee - create google drive folders for meetings notes for each working group so that those notes can be easily shared by other groups
  • genome project coordination
  • work with GOAT
  • Nothing to report, but how do we want to keep channels of communication and reporting open via subcommittees / working groups? Monica suggested that exec committee will create subfolders in Google Drive
  • Community building and outreach
  • PR activities, how to revamp website, reach out to underserved committees, PUIs
  • goal: invite sent out on Monday, Brendon O., Rob Waterhouse, ?, ?
  • Roping in HSI, HBCUs, etc.
  • Training
  • Nick wants to develop CURE-based opportunities
  • Standards

NEXT MEETING: June 21, 2023

11:00-12:00 EDT