i5K Coordinating Group

Conference Call Agenda

August 18, 2021

11:00-12:00 (EDT)

Attending : Anna Childers, Chris Childers, Monica Poelchau, Kristen Panfilio, Duane McKenna, Josh Benoit, Brain Scheffler, Meg Allen, Marian Goldsmith, Brad Coates, Surya Saha, Sue Brown, Catherine Hill, Robert Miller

Regrets: Kevin, Rob, Dorith, Jay

  • Meetings
    • Biodiversity Genomics 2021 https://tinyurl.com/biogenomics21
      • SEPTEMBER 27 - OCTOBER 01 2021
      • Mark B. asked Rob W. to co-chair the session called "Insect genomes from chromosomes to ecosystems" - not to select talks, just to chair the session
      • I (Rob W.) think our request for an i5k-forum session just got totally lost in the system - if we want this then we should act quickly. Surya suggests we could set up an offshoot that doesn't conflict with the main schedule - that might be challenging, though
      • Insect talks requested to be pulled into main sessions (in addition to "Insect genomes from chromosomes to ecosystems"?). Need clarity from Mark and Rob.
      • Any abstracts submitted? Ag100Pest abstract submitted by Scott Geib; Surya submitted a functional annotation abstract. Perhaps others with an insect focus submitted by DToL and ERGA, Africa BioGenome Project
      • 3 hours of talks per day
    • ESA, Oct 31-Nov 3, 2021: Symposium "Advancing Insect Genomics through the Ag100Pest and i5K Initiatives" (Brad, Sheina)
      • only 2-3 people will attend in person at this point; might switch the entire session to virtual.
      • Recorded sessions should be on demand for a number of weeks.
      • Additional advertising on i5k twitter/other channels for the session?
      • Is it possible to re-broadcast the recordings on the i5k youtube channel, or are these proprietary? Brad will find out.
    • PAG, Jan 8-12, 2022, San Diego: Workshop Proposals (due Sept 3, 2021)
      • Is anyone in the i5k community working on proposals? Typically ~3 insect related workshops are held (arthropod genomics; arthropods as food; honey bees). Or, AGSX-2 if PAG folds due to COVID is a possibility. Brad will reach out to Lindsey, Brenda, Scott about plans.
    • Future Meetings
      • Dovetail meeting last January - GAP (genomes of animals and plants). Multiple ARS presenters. Offered a free scaffolding project, which Meg Allen won, and used to sequence the tawny crazy ant. Meg will present on this in January 2022?
  • Publications
    • Cell Genomics. This was going to be a special issue focused on EBP. It's likely these articles will move to a new journal - this is why these papers haven't been published yet. Hopefully they will be published in fall.
    • Insects (Anna). Some papers are online already; some papers are still going through the review process. Hopefully done by the end of September. Ag100Pest paper is available online, and functional annotation workflow paper will be online soon.
  • Project – Updates
    • Ag100Pest Update (Anna)
      • Asian Giant Hornet - some new individuals found in Washington State. Live webinar tomorrow on dissections of these (or old?) individuals, open to public, associated with Cornell, APHIS, …. Recording will be shared on facebook live.
      • Working on releasing a large batch of genomes by the end of September to NCBI. Goal was 25; will likely release 30-40 scaffolded genomes. CLR note - some issues found with data polishing. SCINet has been working with Ag100Pest on a new workflow that resolves polishing problems, which should expedite NCBI release of CLR-based genomes.
    • Bee Genomes (Jay, Anna)
      • Focus is on collection atm. There is a workshop next week.
  • Other
    • Invite new cc member Rosa Fernandez to replace Denis Tagu - check with Rob on this. Other suggestions?
    • Add Josh Benoit to mailing list

NEXT MEETING: September 15, 2021

11:00-12:00 am EDT