i5K Coordinating Group

Conference Call Agenda

August 19, 2020

11:00-12:00 (EDT)

We will discuss the role of i5K in the upcoming Biodiversity Genomics (EBP) 2020 workshop.

[Note: In September, we will pick up where we left off from the successful AGS/i5K meeting in July and discuss how to move i5K forward, with goals aligned with EBP.]

Attending: Kevin Hackett, Monica Poelchau, Glenn Hanes, Brad Coates, Robert Waterhouse, Dorith Rotenberg, Sue Brown, Mara Lawniczak, Chris Childers, Jay Evans, Anna Childers, Marian Goldsmith, Kristen Panfilio, Mark Blaxter, Duane McKenna, Surya Saha

  • Meetings
    • EBP Oct 5-9, 2020 (Fringy, Mark, Mara, Rob)
      • Registration is live: https://www.sanger.ac.uk/science/biodiversity-genomics-2020/
      • Registration is free
      • Registration is open until the weekend before the meeting
      • Talks deadline: September 1st
      • Posters deadline: September 20th
      • Timing: Starts at 3pm british time, sessions at 4, 5, 6; social/poster session at 7 pm
      • There will be concert on Wednesday night between 7-9
      • For Australia and China, there will be some sessions in the british morning
    • Plenary talks each day
    • 3 types of session:
      • EBP, VGP, GIGA sessions, with 'showcase' presentations, chosen by the community, and talks submitted from abstracts,
      • Sessions around taxonomy. Would be great if a volunteer from i5k could chair the arthropod session; and could help pick abstracts for talks. The talks will be pre-recorded, so no issues with timing. When the session is live-streamed, the chair would help moderate the chat. The session will be 50 minutes long. There is the possibility to select a 10-15 minute 'keynote'.
        • Action item : who will chair this? Requires choosing abstracts September 1-10. Also requires being in a decent timezone during the talks. Dorith and Surya are the session chairs! Anna can also help with reviews and possibly others who can assist. Gdocs will be used for reviewing
      • Other sessions: ag, conservation, comparative, ecosystem, bioeconomy/biosecurity, seq, bioresources, annotation and assembly tech
      • Keen to have inclusion and diversity focus in sessions
      • Early career scientists will also be a focus
      • Spatial.chat https://spatial.chat/ will be used for asynchronous discussion
      • Talk will be available for at least a few months
      • Can have a i5k meeting room in the conference
      • Posters should be light and focus on only 1 or 2 talking points so lots of people in the group can have posters.
        • All posters are accepted
        • Select only 1 theme for the poster
  • Publications
    • Thrips genome accepted at BMC Biology - congratulations Dorith et al.
  • Insect genomics special issue (https://www.mdpi.com/journal/insects/special_issues/insect_genomics)
    • April 2021 deadline
    • 2 Featured papers with cost waived
    • DToL and Ag100Pest combined opinion piece?
    • Define scope (bar) and reach out to people who may be sitting on a mid-way genome with minimal analyses that are a bit more than a genome announcement
    • Monica and Surya will send an email out with the expectations for acceptance beyond just a genome announcement (Ag focus, basic biology focus, etc.)
    • F1000 can also take genome papers (with APCs)
  • Planning session to move i5k forward in October after EBP meeting. We will decide on the need for a community session during the EBP meeting after looking at the abstracts on Sep 10th

NEXT MEETING: September 16, 2020

11:00-12:00 am EDT