i5K Coordinating Group

Conference Call Notes

September 15, 2021

11:00-12:00 (EDT)

Attending : Kevin Hackett, Monica Poelchau, Meg Allen, Kristen Panfilio, Jay Evans, Anna Childers, Rosa Fernandez, Duane McKenna, Rob Waterhouse, Glenn Hanes, Brad Coates, Surya Saha, Chris Childers, Catherine Hill, Marian Goldsmith

  • Introductions of New Members
    • Rosa Fernandez - Group Leader at Institute of Evolutionary Biology - Barcelona
  • Meetings
    • Biodiversity Genomics (https://tinyurl.com/biogenomics21), Sep 27-Oct 1, 2021: Are we separate or pulled into main sessions? (Rob, Surya, Josh, Kristen, Anna)
      • Insect genomes from chromosomes to ecosystems - Rob and Kim Worley are chairing
      • Other talks (e.g. Rob's) are also represented in some non-insect sessions
      • Alternate insect/i5k meeting is possible if it doesn't conflict with the main schedule. Do we need this, and who would be willing to organize this? Scope would be an informal panel discussion: updates from the i5k community to hear who's doing what. Lower the threshold of i5k - explain that i5k is open to anyone.
      • Instead- have a 'bulletin board' to raise awareness of i5k and i5k-related progress? May need to update the i5k.github.io site with new projects (e.g. ERGA, etc). Perhaps a page listing all i5k talks at Biodiversity genomics - or just advertise on the arthropod genomics slack (e.g. the coming next channel). Spin-off on one of the 'social' events at the meeting? Catherine points out that it's hard for non-i5k people to find i5k/invert genomics talks within the meeting agenda.
      • *Rob will try to get a list of talks from Mark that we can advertise on Slack
      • How do you join the arthropod genomics community Slack? Invites expire after 10 days. Admin/Rob adds people; members can request new people
    • ESA, Oct 31-Nov 3, 2021: Symposium "Advancing Insect Genomics through the Ag100Pest and i5K Initiatives": Can we have an i5K YouTube Channel rebroadcast? (Brad, Sheina)
      • will likely be all virtual
      • broadcast - Becky Anthony will ask
    • PAG, Jan 8-12, 2022, San Diego: Workshop Proposals (due Sept 3, 2021) (Brad)
      • not sure due to ARS travel restrictions
    • Arthropod Genomics 2022 - meeting planning is in progress
      • Notre Dame, 6-12 June 2022. Mary-Ann McDowell and Mike Pfrender are leading. 8-10 are on the organizing committee.
      • The first few days will be workshops
      • Notre Dame sponsorship, the theme will be vectors. Looking for keynotes now.
      • Launched a call for speaker suggestions on Slack
      • Hybrid plan - on-site in Notre Dame with some sort of virtual participation. Still figuring out how.
    • AGSX2022 - Brad and colleagues are thinking about setting this up (in particular since it is likely USDA-ARS people won't' be able to attend PAG due to covid travel restrictions)
    • Other updates
      • Tawny Crazy Ant project with Dovetail (Meg). A talk may not happen due to USDA ethics regulations.
  • Publications
    • Cell Genomics (Anna)
      • This has been re-submitted to PNAS (along with all other EBP papers). Sub-projects will be in supplement instead of a separate paper.
    • Insects (Monica) - a few straggler papers in review, we hope to wrap up the special issue soon.
    • Plug for Journal of Insect Science for smaller genomics papers from Meg.
  • Project – Updates

    • EBP (Kevin). Discussion of efforts for US-based federal funding for genome sequencing
    • Ag100Pest Update (Anna). Agreements (funding) to sequence orthoptera. Producing pipelines, software (mitochondrial genome assembly in CLR data for arthropods, etc). Starting to push out scaffolded genomes to NCBI.
    • Bee Genomes (Jay). New congressional funding for sequencing 100 bee genomes etc. In collection and species choice phase.
    • I5K Workspace at NAL (Chris, Monica)
      • Can provide a full update in October
      • Plug for AgBioData RCN working group participation - if you are interested in collaborating with us on making genomics data more FAIR, please join a working group! Join the mailing list to find out more: https://www.agbiodata.org

NEXT MEETING: October 20, 2021

11:00-12:00 am EDT