i5K Coordinating Group

20 September 2023

11:00-12:00 EST

Meeting Chair: Marc Halfon

Attending: Rob Waterhouse, Marc Halfon, Monica Poelchau, Glenn Hanes, Brad Coates, Duane McKenna, Jay Evans, Chris Childers, Sue Brown

Regrets: Mark Blaxter (we are busy celebrating having completed 1000 genomes at ToL, Anna Childers (AC meeting), Joshua Benoit (teaching), Kevin Hackett, Kristen Panfilio (conference)

  • Approval of previous meeting’s minutes.
  • New member introductions
  • CC member cameo of the month: Monica Poelchau
  • Working group highlights (can change order)
    • Community building and outreach
  1. International Congress Entomology 2024: Symposium submission “International sequencing initiatives: Building genomic resources and bridging research disciplines” by Brad Coates & Fei Li was accepted.
  2. AGSx 2024: Bringing back 4th session NIH NCBI Comparative Genomic Resources. Moderated by Valorie Schneider; Program Head: Sequence Enhancements, Tools and Delivery (SeqPlus), and Sally Chang; Postdoctoral Fellow, National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health.
  3. Stock slides: No feedback from coordinating committee after August meeting. Still need to complete the last slide incorporating links for recruitment resources. Will invite Monica and Chris to October meeting to brainstorm on development of online resources.
  • Standards. The Standards WG has scheduled a meeting with ~15 experts to discuss gaps in arthropod genome projects. The goal is to identify what the i5k Standards WG should focus on to improve arthropod genome project procedures for researchers (larger consortia and individual labs). We will meet October 30th at 10:30 am Eastern.
  • Exec committee
  • Training
    • Working on 2-3 minute training videos
    • Working on coordinating with Anna regarding youtube tips
  • Genome Project Coordination
    • No meetings recently - goal is to meet again, and to provide a document to the i5k cc for feedback
  • Working group additional items (example: AGS organization discussion from the Outreach WG)
  • Other items from the community germane to the cc (e.g. relevant EBP updates, new funding opportunities, meetings/conferences)
    • Update for Kevin
    • Biodiversity Genomics 2023. BG23will run from Monday 2nd October to Friday 6th October 2023 as a virtual event. More information can be found here:
    • Biodiversity Genomics Academy. This year there will be an added twist to Biodiversity Genomics - the Biodiversity Genomics Academy (BGA23). BGA23 is a series of free, open to all, online-only, short, interactive sessions on how to use the bioinformatics tools and approaches that underpin the Earth Biogenome Project (EBP). BGA23 attendees will be able to discuss the installation and operation of bioinformatics toolkits in real time with the developers, take part in introductory exercises and masterclasses, and meet the other scientists who are also using the tools, building a global community of practice in biodiversity genomics. Sessions are scheduled from September 1-30, 2023. Find out more and sign up at
    • AGS24 to be held in Nairobi, Kenya 25-27 June 2024:
    • November Entsoc meeting will have a Beenome symposium. Opportunity for an i5k get-together - contact Jay ( if you are interested!
    • Can we ask Mary Ann McDowell and Sam Rund to join us next month to see what we can do to help with AGS2024? Brad will reach out.
  • Link to next month’s agenda: Email Marc ( or add directly using this link:

NEXT MEETING: 18 October 2023

11:00-12:00 EDT