i5K Coordinating Group

20 December 2023

11:00-12:00 EST

Meeting Chair: Brad Coates

Attending: Rob Waterhouse, Marc Halfon, Monica Poelchau, Glenn Hanes, Anna Childers, Brad Coates, Teresa Shippy, Sarthok Rahman, Josh Benoit, Mary Ann McDowell, Sue Brown, Duane McKenna, Chris Childers


  • Approval of previous meeting’s minutes.

Brad 1st and Marc 2nd motion

  • New member introductions : Teresa Shippy
  • CC member cameo of the month: Rob Waterhouse
  • Report of the Standards Working Group with follow-up discussion
  • Report of the Genome Project Coordination Working Group (20-30 min.)
    • Summary of current progress
    • Recruitment of additional/new members
  • Working group highlights (can change order)
    • Community building and outreach

The chair missed the meeting, but will be scheduling AGSx 2024 Sessions Feb-May 2024 in early January.

i. February: Genomics for Insects as Food and Feed (Kristen Duffield)

ii. March: Beenome100 and Comparative Bee Genomics (Jay Evans)

iii. April: Insect Genome Biology and Evolution (Lindsey Perkin)

iv. May: NIH NCBI Comparative Genomic Resources (Terence Spencer)

International Congress Entomology 2024

Symposium (accepted) “International sequencing initiatives: Building genomic resources and bridging research disciplines” organized by Brad Coates

Presentation: USDA ARS Ag100Pest & Beenome100 of i5K by Anna Childers.

Symposium “Insect Genome Trans Data Analysis” organized by Kakeru Yokoi

Presentation: USDA ARS Ag100Pest applications in genomics of field crop pests by Brad Coates

  • Training. Considering interview format. Sarthok has a list of available tools ready.
  • Exec committee. We discussed an idea from Anna to have a specific discussion topic/theme for each of these meetings, and advertise that topic in the email (possibly subject line), with the goal of making them interesting/attractive and recruiting more participants.

  • Working group additional items (example: AGS organization discussion from the Outreach WG)
  • Other items from the community germane to the cc (e.g. relevant EBP updates, new funding opportunities, meetings/conferences)
    • AGS 2024 will be in Kenya (near ICIPE in a conference center). VectorBase workshop Jun. 22-25. AGS Jun. 25 Keynote evening - Jun. 27th.

NEXT MEETING: 17 January 2024

11:00-12:00 EDT