i5K Coordinating Group

Conference Call Meeting Notes

Nov 27, 2019

10:00-11:00 (EDT)

The focus will be on report backs from the ESA meeting and preparing for other meetings.

Attending: Kevin Hackett, Surya Saha, Meg Allen, Monica Poelchau, Anna Childers, Mark Blaxter, Mara Lawnicziak

  • Change in Meeting Time
    • Changing meeting time to 11 am Eastern – but what about European colleagues?
      • Action item : Kevin (or other) will get in touch with European colleagues
  • ESA Annual Meeting Report Back (Monica and others)
    • Decent attendance – highest count was 85 people. Went well overall. However -
    • We didn't figure out how to prioritize species during discussion. Therefore:
  • How do we coordinate sequencing and prioritization?
    • 'The list'
      • Fringy is compiling a list – will this be public at some point?
      • Marc Blaxter's BioProject idea (at least for larger projects, eg DtoL, Ag100Pest, etc)
      • Sanger hasa UK list, with working groups to decide which from the list will be sequenced, and which ones have already been sequenced
      • Labs sequencing single genomes can view the BioProject plans from larger projects that way, or contribute
      • Action item: Anna will coordinate how to document and advertise this procedure for insects. People involved: Anna, Mark, Mara, fringy, Monica, possibly others
      • Publishing standards in journals can be hard – instead, do a preprint (which you could keep on updating)? Or Fairsharing?
    • How to prioritize?
      • Ag100Pest has a prioritization list
      • Could possibly have others vote on species on list?
      • Sanger has a process for this
        • 1 reference genome from every family in the UK in the next 2-3 years, 2 references in the next 5 years
        • All British butterflies and megamoths
        • Discussions about other taxa that would be nice to do deeper (important, iconic, interesting…)
  • Selected Future Meeting Issues/Updates
    • PAG Meeting Participation
      • No efforts to coordinate at PAG yet, at least formally
      • There are several insect symposia; Anna will advertise them on the i5k github site
    • Helsinki ICE Meeting Participation
      • Rob Waterhouse is co-organizing a genomics session; will talk about larger sequencing projects
  • Funding
    • NSF talk at ESA: interdisciplinary projects may work well to support sequencing
  • I5K Webinar: Top Issues (Anna)
    • Sample prep webinar in the works with special time and date next year
  • Standards for i5K Assembly (Anna)
    • Looking for different medium to publish this
  • Other:
    • New protocol for de novo assembly from PacBio is out
    • ATUTA channel link: tinyurl.com/ATUTA2019
    • Sanger has multiple SOPs for extraction, etc – will release to protocols.io so they are datestamped and DOI'd for easier citation

NEXT MEETING: Jan 2020 – Date TBD [Jan 16 conflicts with PAG]

11:00-12:00 am ET [Note Proposed Change in Time]